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War of the Tablet Operating Systems

War of the Tablet Operating Systems – Microsoft Windows vs Google Android

Windows Tablet and Android Tablet

Windows Tablet and Android Tablet

          As you consider getting your hand on a new Tablet, operating systems, then, quickly try to convince you to join their team.

With their functions and utilities, everything seems perfect on either side of the road, yet you are so unsure. We, thus, volunteer to guide you into this crash of the two OS giants, Android and Windows and discover the truths behind.

Let us leap into the digital war, shall we?

Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base, 13.5 inch PixelSense Display, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, up to 16 hours, NVIDIA GeForce, Surface Pen included

Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base, 13.5-inch PixelSense Display, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, up to 16 hours, NVIDIA GeForce, Surface Pen included

Microsoft Windows:

Pros – 

Looking at the personal computer market ruler, the operating system is as powerful as they do on PCs. From now on, your familiar interface from your home device will spring up similarly on your Tablet’s screen.

Both keyboard and mouse perform exceptionally well on Windows Tablet as well as making you more comfortable in completing your desired tasks.

Also, as the whole MSOffice station is inherited from its predecessor, it is highly compatible with the work environment reinforced with its close relationship on USB.

You can easily carry your Word or PowerPoint files on to your smaller device and continue your work somewhere else. 

Another interesting feature is Multi-users which allow you to simply create many users which suitable for shared devices. It may become useful in some cases such as restricting your kids from excessing certain applications.

Cons – 

Apart from the smiles, there, however, remain some upsets to be discussed. Despite its power to run almost everything, you will get narrower choices in terms of both application and model.

Comparing to its competitor, Microsoft supplies its customers with not many specifications and the Windows Store is not that impressive. Both are factors to bring in your consideration.


Google Nexus 10 Tablet

Google Nexus 10 Tablet

Google Android:

Pros – 

Hopping to the side of the mighty search engine, the first thing you might notice is many devices from various companies are running on Android. These hand you the opportunity to pick what match you the best.

In addition, the OS is widely opened to developers meaning that an endless stream of apps is coming your way. Another benefit of Android is its highly customizable nature.

You will have tons of widgets line up in your display waiting for you to enjoy. Even if you are not an expert user, you still can modify the appearance and functions to some extent without hurting your fingers’ tips.

Talking about touch, the touchscreen system is well-optimized suiting almost every feature. Google Android Tablet is also quite easy to learn for new users. To become fluent requires no tech guru skills.

Cons – 

Nevertheless, drawbacks show presence in some field starting with compatibility. Since there are many developers, piles of versions, plenty of models and a lot of modifiers, some problems with applications tend to exist, for example, the interface does not fit the screen size or application cannot run smoothly.

Besides, the vast developer pool makes it susceptible to the virus, as numbers of paths can lead the malicious intents into your device unnoticed.

The Victor: 

          At this moment, it is the time that we come to the conclusion. There is never a winner in this kind of fight, only strengths, and weaknesses.

A different person bears a different liking and taste. Whether high-performance Windows takes the lead or versatile Google Android Tablet reaches the peak first? It is solely for your judgment to decide.   


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