Advantages of Android Tablets

Advantages of Android Tablets.

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

When it comes to Tablets, it is undeniable that Apple’s best-selling iPad takes more than half of its market share slice.

The innovative iOS Tablet has confiscated the world by storm and has become somewhat a household name for Tablets.

However, Android Tablets exist and are prepared to provide what they claim to be more than what iOS Tablets can provide.

But does getting an Android-based Tablet a good decision when the iOS-based one is the most popular? Here are just some of the advantages of getting an Android Tablet rather than the typical iOS-based iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

Fully Customizable: This is probably the feature that most Android users boast about. Android and iOS are different types of operating systems-series of codes that were put together to make the Tablets work.

But what makes Android Tablets different from the iPad is that the former’s operating system is based on an open-source system, whereas the latter uses an exclusive one.

How does this make Android better? An open-source operating system permits full customization of the Tablet’s features and applications. The stock color theme is too bland for your taste? You could flash a new one.

The stock loader is not giving you enough options? Install a custom loader with hundreds of themes and customization options. The list goes on. This just cannot be done with an iPad.

What you see is what you get, and, as the long line of iPads has demonstrated, what you get is something that all of the former Tablets have also gotten.

Apple rarely strays from its trademark interface, sticking to everything familiar. If it has proven to work before, they are not changing it. With an Android Tablet, however, customers can change the experience to suit their taste.

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Gold) NEWEST VERSION

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Gold) NEWEST VERSION

Rooting Versus Jailbreaking: The second advantage of Android-based Tablets is that gaining access to its core functions and the program is easy to do and without any major violations at that.

To customize stock themes and interface, the consumer must gain access to the main codes-the “root” of the program, so to speak.

This is what is known in Android circles as “rooting” – getting into the primal codes and gaining full administrative access. Similarly, such a thing is possible with the iOS’ iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

However, it is not as easy as rooting an Android Tablet. In fact, Apple explicitly advises against rooting their products, warning doers that their warranties will be voided if they do so.

This is why the term for iPad rooting is called “jailbreaking”, because it mimics the very difficult experience a prisoner has to do to successfully escape from his or her mobile undetected.

To get an idea of how difficult it is, Apple releases new encryption codes with each software update, sort of like adding new traps or mobile locks the prisoner must evade or pick.

Apple purposefully makes it difficult for people to gain access to their system. For Android? The rooting procedure is as easy as installing a new application and it has stayed that way with every update.

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Gold) NEWEST VERSION

Apple iPad Air 2 MH182LL-A (64GB, Wi-Fi, Gold) NEWEST VERSION

User-based Experience: So, should people get Android Tablets rather than more iPads? The differences are subtle, but if you want to have a fully-customizable Tablet with plenty of applications and games you can download for free, then you should certainly go for an Android Tablet.

However, iPads are not that bad, either, and if you happen to be acceptable with the way they designed the user interface and are alright with paying for most of the applications and games for the iOS.

Tips to Secure your Tablet

Tips to Secure your Tablet

Mobile Me for iPad

Mobile Me for iPad

Tablets are the new age computing devices which are taking over the market in a big way. The larger screen and portability of the Tablets permits you to browse the internet on the go and be in touch with your office work with more convenience.

Tablets have now gained prominence in mobile computing as the next generation computer. However, the safety concerns of the data in a Tablet are as much at a high risk as a normal laptop computer or a desktop computer.

It is, therefore, very important to keep your Tablet PC safe from any potential threat. You may keep your Tablets safe from theft or loss of data by exercising the following few steps.

Update the applications on a regular basis: The apps on your Tablet are updated regularly on the AppStore for iPad and on Play Store for the Android Tablets.

These updates are included because the developers of a particular app keep fixing the bugs that the hackers may have identified and might end up taking advantage of.

It is very important that you install these updates regularly so that your Tablet PC is safe from the threats that lurk in the flaws of the older version of an app.

Secure you Tablet with a strong security password: To ensure the login security of the Tablet is just as important as to ensure the physical security of your Tablet.

A Tablet only permits a certain number of log-in attempts after which the device either gets permanently locked or the data gets wiped out.

If your Tablet is secured with a difficult to crack login ID there are fewer chances of someone accessing your data unless he/she knows the password.

Be wary of fake applications: The availability of free applications encourages one to download a lot of applications at behest.

However, one needs to be very careful that one is not downloading a malicious app that is a virus and malware infested. They can steal all the data on your Tablet or even keep a tab on your usernames and passwords.

This is more prevalent in case of Android Tablets as Apple exercises stricter guidelines over the applications which are available in its AppStore.

Secure your Tablet

Secure your Tablet

To secure your Tablet from a threat from fake applications can be dealt with by a mobile security application of a well-known brand so that it can detect threats and block them before they infect your Tablet PC.

Avoid open Wi-Fi connection: Public Wi-Fi areas are usually not safe because the wireless network of such areas cannot be trusted.

In case you are using Wi-Fi in a public place and you are browsing a page that does not use a Secure Socket Layer to encrypt the communication on your system, it can be captured by anybody else in the same network.

In such an instance it is advisable to use VPN as it provides a more secure platform internet browsing and sharing confidential information.

Physical security and Remote Wipeout in a case of theft or robbery: One should keep one’s Tablets close as they have a very high demand in the black markets.

You can download the application called “Find My iPhone” for iPads and a similar application for the Android Tablets that can locate your Tablet with the help of the GPS chip that is placed inside the Tablet.

There may be a chance which you find out that you cannot retrieve your Tablet, in that case, you should remotely wipe out your Tablet by using “Remote wipe” for Android from Google or by using “Mobile Me” for iPad.

This would ensure that nobody else will be able to access any information that was stored on your Tablet PC. The guidelines stated above will make sure that your data is safe even if your Tablet PC is stolen.