Best Tablets For Windows 8

Best Tablets For Windows 8

Asus Transformer Book Windows 8

Asus Transformer Book Windows 8

Given the fact that touch compatibility isn’t a requirement to run Windows 8 on a Tablet, it seems that Windows 8 is the great operating system for the latest PC-Tablet hybrids also known as convertibles.

These devices have the option to be utilized like a standard Tablet with the computing power of a laptop computer or ultrabook, yet you still have a standard keyboard to use for more practical purposes, turning them into fully functional laptops.

If you’re looking into buying these convertibles, then it’s best to do your research before you head out and simply buy any run-of-the-mill convertible.

Asus Transformer Book Windows 8

Asus Transformer Book Windows 8

Asus Transformer Book:

Coming in at number 1 is the Asus Transformer Book. What makes this device so unique? The transformer for Windows 8 is new, yet android based versions have been around for a while.

With its ARM-based processor, it’s considered an UltraBook in every sense. In fact, it’s Capable of handling more processing tasks than your standard netbook.

Dell XPS 12 Windows 8

Dell XPS 12 Windows 8

Dell XPS 12:

The Dell XPS 12 is a full-blown laptop computer with a touchscreen. You can rotate the screen within its clamshell; this also means that you don’t have to deal with a smaller keyboard.

The built quality on the XPS is also a solid one with aluminum carbon chassis, giving it a sturdy, premium look.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Windows 8

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 Windows 8

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11:

Also, like the Dell XPS 12, the Yoga 11 is a full blow laptop computer that can be transformed into a Tablet computer. Its processing muscle comes from Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip; a 13-inch version and an 11-inch version are available on the market boasting identical designs. The screen on the Yoga 11 can be rotated to 360 degrees.

Microsoft Surface for RT Windows 8

Microsoft Surface for RT Windows 8

Microsoft Surface for RT:

Available on the market for the first time, Microsoft’s very first PC seems to be a success. Therefore, successful that it has been sold out in most outlets, in addition, the base model that is currently back ordered.

Microsoft has created the surface around the Windows 8 operating system; the hardware and software go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, currently few applications are available from Microsoft for the surface. Yet, several applications are bound to be created once the Windows 8 is widely adopted.

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Windows 8

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Windows 8

Sony Vaio Duo 11:

The Duo 11 doesn’t have touchpad because space constraints are an issue. On the plus side, it has a full high-definition panel with good viewing angles. With Ultra-book class hardware, it absolutely is a solid performer.

It transforms by sliding screen that snaps into place. In addition, it also has a digital stylus pen, that always comes in useful for business professionals.

Additionally, it has a proprietary app compatible with Windows 8 that allows you use the stylus pen and the touchscreen.

Word of caution: Though these Tablets are good for professionals on the go, they come with a downside – theft or loss.

If you end up losing your transformer, chances are your private data would be compromised, specialists recommend that you protect classified data with data security software such as Folder Lock.

It has been specially engineered to work on Windows 8 and its applications.

Reviews on the Android Tablets

Reviews on the Android Tablets.

2014 Contixo Q102 Tablet PC 10.1 inch Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

2014 Contixo Q102 Tablet PC 10.1 inch Quad Core Google Android 4.4 KitKat

Android Tablets are easy to use to an incredible extent. Android Tablet gives you a mobile computing experience. Android Tablets have software in it and you can also download in it of your choice or according to your need.

Android Tablets are available in different sizes, a user is not at all bounded to get an Android Tablet in a too small or too big size, Android Tablets are available in 3 to 4 sizes and a user can get it in a size to which he/she is comfortable with.

By using a wireless internet on your Android Tablet you can be in touch with your friends on social websites like facebook and twitter. Androids Tablets are really useful for the individuals who have to check their emails rapidly.

With the help of a camera in your Android Tablet you can click thousands of pictures and can have a wide display, you can edit your pictures at the same time on your Android Tablet and upload it.

Most Android Tablets also consist of dual cameras, one outward and the other inward through that you can have a video conference very easily, and the camera facing inward in an Android Tablet also helps you to take your own pictures yourself without difficulty.

2014 FastTouchTM 10 inch Tablet PC Google Android 4.4, 8GB, Dual Cortex-A9, 1.2GHz

2014 FastTouchTM 10-inch Tablet PC Google Android 4.4, 8GB, Dual Cortex-A9, 1.2GHz

Android Tablets provide many games and many other apps to keep you engaged. You can get apps for your Android Tablet at a very low price and some are even free.

There is no problem of a battery in an Android Tablets because it uses less battery and Android Tablets have replaceable batteries if in case something goes wrong with the battery.

Android Tablet is a really nice choice for you, for whatever purpose you want for. Android Tablet gives you a complete package or a source of all internet usage, games, interaction with a friend, pictures, and video.

In short Android Tablet is a multitasking fast device as compared to any other device which is easily carried and it automatically updates your system and also has no such limitations.

If you don’t have your Android Tablet, so buy one for you, no matter whatever function you want, Android Tablet will fulfill your requirements.

Please read the reviews about the tablet at this carefully before you buy Tablet.

Tips to Secure your Tablet

Tips to Secure your Tablet

Mobile Me for iPad

Mobile Me for iPad

Tablets are the new age computing devices which are taking over the market in a big way. The larger screen and portability of the Tablets permits you to browse the internet on the go and be in touch with your office work with more convenience.

Tablets have now gained prominence in mobile computing as the next generation computer. However, the safety concerns of the data in a Tablet are as much at a high risk as a normal laptop computer or a desktop computer.

It is, therefore, very important to keep your Tablet PC safe from any potential threat. You may keep your Tablets safe from theft or loss of data by exercising the following few steps.

Update the applications on a regular basis: The apps on your Tablet are updated regularly on the AppStore for iPad and on Play Store for the Android Tablets.

These updates are included because the developers of a particular app keep fixing the bugs that the hackers may have identified and might end up taking advantage of.

It is very important that you install these updates regularly so that your Tablet PC is safe from the threats that lurk in the flaws of the older version of an app.

Secure you Tablet with a strong security password: To ensure the login security of the Tablet is just as important as to ensure the physical security of your Tablet.

A Tablet only permits a certain number of log-in attempts after which the device either gets permanently locked or the data gets wiped out.

If your Tablet is secured with a difficult to crack login ID there are fewer chances of someone accessing your data unless he/she knows the password.

Be wary of fake applications: The availability of free applications encourages one to download a lot of applications at behest.

However, one needs to be very careful that one is not downloading a malicious app that is a virus and malware infested. They can steal all the data on your Tablet or even keep a tab on your usernames and passwords.

This is more prevalent in case of Android Tablets as Apple exercises stricter guidelines over the applications which are available in its AppStore.

Secure your Tablet

Secure your Tablet

To secure your Tablet from a threat from fake applications can be dealt with by a mobile security application of a well-known brand so that it can detect threats and block them before they infect your Tablet PC.

Avoid open Wi-Fi connection: Public Wi-Fi areas are usually not safe because the wireless network of such areas cannot be trusted.

In case you are using Wi-Fi in a public place and you are browsing a page that does not use a Secure Socket Layer to encrypt the communication on your system, it can be captured by anybody else in the same network.

In such an instance it is advisable to use VPN as it provides a more secure platform internet browsing and sharing confidential information.

Physical security and Remote Wipeout in a case of theft or robbery: One should keep one’s Tablets close as they have a very high demand in the black markets.

You can download the application called “Find My iPhone” for iPads and a similar application for the Android Tablets that can locate your Tablet with the help of the GPS chip that is placed inside the Tablet.

There may be a chance which you find out that you cannot retrieve your Tablet, in that case, you should remotely wipe out your Tablet by using “Remote wipe” for Android from Google or by using “Mobile Me” for iPad.

This would ensure that nobody else will be able to access any information that was stored on your Tablet PC. The guidelines stated above will make sure that your data is safe even if your Tablet PC is stolen.