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Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

Behind the Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

With the concept of merging the future to the present, iPhone X’s screen is now taking the whole front. Although the design remains familiar to users, a lot has evolved since the last time you hang with your old model.

Whether you are an apple loyal, an android follower or somewhere in the middle, we hope this journey is able to clear the tangled questions remaining in your mind.

What walks out of the time machine?

First off, the dusted design of its predecessor gets a makeover into something more futuristic with the scent of the original making Apple iPhone X shines above all.

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

The touch ID is now replaced with a sophisticated unlocking system “Face ID” which will unlock your phone just by looking utilizing its TrueDepth camera.

The stainless metal body sends out a shiny premium aura, yet can be quite slippery which you might want to grab a case.

On the other side, you will get dual 12 million pixel cameras packed with functions like Portrait Lighting, Dual OIS, and Optical Zoom.

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

Coming back to our highlight at the front which is the OLED screen attracting you with by the finest display and colors.

The differences on screens are noticeable and will be even clearer if you compare with other models side by side. The smartphone does not give you a lot of options when it comes to body colors nor it provides you with a lot of storage choices.

You will have to choose between Space Gray or Silver, and 64 or 256 GB storage. We don’t know about you, but for us, having more choices doesn’t hurt.

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

Behind the Tech of the Future

iPhone X’s battery seems to take the middle road, not very good but not bad either. With the new A11 Bionic chip claimed to be the smartest in mobile phones, the system does run pretty fast and neat putting it up for everyday activities, such as gaming or streaming.

Though the scanning system works perfectly fine, some might argue that it is a little bit slower than the old touch ID. It is, however, not that noticeable for regular users.

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

The display and cameras of Apple iPhone X really strike impressions into our hearts. Almost the whole front got transformed into the screen like this is definitely stunning.

You may feel weird at first from the missing physical home button, but it is not a big deal and will fade in a short period. Nevertheless, some users are annoyed by the notch at the top.

We think this problem depends on users’ preferences. For cameras, the duo sure can create some masterpieces with right places and skills. There are tons of nice pictures said to be taken on this particular model.

Tech of the Future Smartphone Apple iPhone X

Should we embrace the future?

The iPhone X is a great smartphone to possess. We think it is safe to say that this iPhone X is the best iPhone ever existed for now. If you are already a disciple of Apple, there is actually no reason to pass.

Great things, however, come with great prices and this one is no exception as it is also the most expensive iPhone ever. You, thus, might want to think twice before witnessing a red number in your account.

Lastly, please remember that everything has indeed some alternatives which might not be perfect, but it can be just right and fit you even better.

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